Ghost Index

Here are all of the ghosts I've released! I've made many ghosts in many different styles, from full on story ghosts, to desktop buds, to functional ghosts, and so much more. I'm sure you can find something you like here!

Please note: this page is spoiler free! However, if you click on the "read more" links, you will be taken to the full page for that ghost. The full pages may have spoilers on them for hidden features, or things that may be best to experience for yourself first. If you want to play with the ghosts without spoilers, download them from this page!

Also note: I have been making ghosts for multiple years now, and the quality of my work in all areas (code, art, writing, general premise) has greatly improved over time. I generally don't recommend any of my ghosts from before 2022, unless they're purely functional ones (like FLUX). So if you're looking for my better ghosts, keep an eye on the initial release dates!

These links in the top section act as a quick index that will jump you to the different entries on this list.