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Hello! I'm Zichqec, or just Zi. This website is where you can find all of the ukagaka-related things I've made! Not familiar with ukagaka? Check out my about page for information about ukagaka and how to get started with them.

QUICK NOTE: This website is still under construction! You can see and download all my stuff from the index pages, but the individual pages for everything aren't complete yet! I'll be chipping away at them over time, because it's a lot of stuff to fill in.

Use the tabs at the top to find what you're looking for! I offer a bit of everything, from ghosts and balloons, to free code and guides, and much more! If you're here to report a bug in something I've made, or offer feedback, I would love to hear from you! Please use the links in the footer to find where to get in contact with me. (But please note, I only check my social media accounts intermittently, so I may take some time to get back to you.)

That's all, please browse around and enjoy!